Now in Australia!

Our Australian clients can now buy our products via our newest partner, Rotary Wings Australia. Happy Flights!

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iPM1 Overview

We've been posting some pictures on facebook about  our upcoming Paramotor Instrument system (iPM1). Despite the system is not ready yet (we are still testing it), some of our clients requested a little overview about its features. Check it out!

iPM1 Overview

Noise Cancelling

After a few months testing different microphones and hardware setups, we are now launching the Mark II version of our Noise Cancelling System. All headsets will now be equipped with the updated system.

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Across the Atlantic!

We are now in the USA. You can now try and buy our products in Florida. Please visit CloudBasePPG!

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PlusAir UL available soon

After some months waiting for a new batch of Plusmax UL helmets, they are finally arriving. We are now accepting orders!

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Introducing the FA Series

Our new line of ULM headsets is out. Battery powered with improved noise rejection, check it out!

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