See you in Spain!

Next February, come visit us at Las Candelas. It will be a great opportunity to check new products and have a chat with us. For more information you can check the event's website below.

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Condor Base

If you prefer wheel launching, without the bulk size of a paratrike, this one is for you. It's light, easy to mount and even easier to carry around. Give it a try!

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Sud Essone Paramoteur

Daniel Labet, from Sud Essone Paramotor is our new reseller in France. He is also the 4 stroke engine supplier that can equip our Condor XL and a great guy to share the skies!

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ComCore - 2M

If you like your headset, but the coms are ruining your flights, this little board can help you out. With little effort, you can overhaul your coms system without buying a new headset. Go grab your old soldering iron!

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XS Updated!

We changed the XS a bit... and voilá! It is now lighter, much more robust and easier to carry around. Also, we have a few new colors that can make it a very special bird. Contact us for all the details!

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