The XS Base

If you prefer wheel launching, without the bulk size of a paratrike, this one is for you. It's light, easy to mount and even easier to carry around. Give it a try!

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New Headset Series

Please check our new headset series, featuring the amazing Peltor X5s. They provide extreme noise protection and comfort, and look really cool on Icaro's helmets!

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Coupe Icare 17

We will be in St. Hilaire next week for the Coupe Icare 2017. It's an amazing event, come and have a chat with us. See you there!

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Throttle handle

Our new Aluminum throttle handle is light, very robust and fits perfectly in your hand. Check it out!

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New Dealer!

We proudly announce a new partnership with Austin Paramotor. You can now purchase our products in Texas, USA.

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Back in stock

After a few months unavailable, the Plusmax PlusAir UL is back in stock. We have a limited quantity, hurry up and get one!

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Family Complete

Edsger Dijkstra once said that simplicity is prerequisite to reliability, we agree. On the new Condor XS, the design was kept simple and clean, while the candy red painting and the carbon bars give the amount of sophistication that makes it a great Paramotor.

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Simonini Dealer

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Simonini Flying. This Italian brand has been a reference for great engines for many years now. Take a look on our new Engines section!

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