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FN1-2Meter Headset

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Product Description


The FN1-2M headset is our standard option for ultra-light aviation Sports, when 2 meter band radios are used. It works like an extension to typical radio features and it’s extremely useful blocking engine and wind noise from communications.


  • Compatible with most 2m radios (check ordering info)
  • Peltor Optime III noise supressors
  • 2.2KΩ noise cancelling electret microphone
  • Passive noise reduction and filtering
  • High quality 8Ω speakers


  • Mounting options: Helmet fixers or headband
  • Including Bluetooth module: +85€
  • Custom bluetooth module integration: per request
  • Volume Button: +22€
  • Flexible gooseneck mic boom: +14.5€


Ordering Information

After ordering, we will contact you to discuss which options do you want and small preferences, like microphone and PTT button side. We will also ask which radio do you own, in order to ship the correct plug. Most common radio plugs can be found here.

*Price: 139€

(VAT not included)