ComCore – 2M

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Product Description


If your old headset is not working properly, but you don't want a new one just yet, you can fix it by replacing all internal circuitry with this little board.

It uses the same technology of our FN series, it is really simple to install and can be configured to work with virtually any 2 meter band radio.

As always, if you have any doubt, please contact us and we'll try our best to help.


  • Compatible with all 2 meter radios
  • Configurable via 3 jumpers and 1 trimmer
  • Auxiliary audio input (for an external device)
  • Small area (5 cm²) to fit in most headsets
  • Passive noise reduction, with improved EMI rejection

Kit contents

  • 1 ComCore - 2M board
  • 6 JST-SH connectors and cables
  • 1 Noise canceling electret microphone
  • 2 High quality 32R speakers


*Price: 46€

*(VAT not included)